Mineral Research


Mineral Research Solutions provides ready access to experienced field personnel that research county records for accurate and up-to-date information on your clients mineral ownership as well as oil and gas title.

Some of the services Mineral Research Solutions provide include locating and describing mineral interests for the purpose of:

  • Complete listing of properties with legal descriptions and the tax basis for the creation of trusts
  • Aiding in title curative and preparation of Deeds, Assignments, Quitclaims & Liens
  • Verification of mortgage collateral
  • Compilation of estate listings for probate
  • Verification of interests reflected on revenue receipts
  • Evaluation of producing or non producing properties and/or mineral interests
  • Comprehensive information derived from the local assessors office
  • Advise lending institutions of leasing activities, prices and lease addendums where trust properties are managed
  • Backup information derived from the investigation of county records

We prepare deeds, conveyances, assignments and instruments to accurately transfer title. With over thirty years experience as a landman, director of research Charles Porta coordinates all searches for quality control and accuracy.

Mineral Research Solutions can also assist in the buying and selling of mineral interests.  We have qualified buyers that are actively purchasing producing and non-producing oil and gas interests.  Contact us to learn more about the buying and selling of mineral interests.